With 90 community and worker organizing groups using it,  PowerBase has become the leading online database software specifically designed for groups engaged in organizing in worker and low income communities.  PowerBase is a tool that tracks what organizers want – and need – to track. PowerBase makes it easy to share information both within organizations and with organizational partners and allies – everyone  can use the same system both in the office and on the road.

Not Just Software

Progressive Technology Project (PTP) offers PowerBase is more than a database: it’s a completely integrated system of hosting, training, consulting, and support from a top-notch experienced staff team with one overarching goal: helping groups organizing in low income communities and communities of color reach their goals. By adopting a database like PowerBase, an organizing group can make a quantum leap in capacity to a new level of communication, efficiency and success. PTP is a partner with each organization every step of the way: from initial set up to planning the first campaign to measuring the effectiveness of the outreach.  PTP is ready to be an extra set of hands to help its organizing partners manage organizational change and make societal change.

Why PowerBase?

The simple reality is that there has not been a good, uniform, sophisticated database for community organizers. The result is the situation we’re in now:

  • organizing groups waste time and effort because they have to live with multiple  databases that have been cobbled together and do not capture fully the information groups want to track
  • nearly every organization uses a database unique to them, so there’s no easy way to exchange information, or receive technical support
  • commercial solutions are expensive and target the ‘nonprofit’ model – community organizers have very different needs

As more groups are tracking increasingly complex information, building memberships of hundreds to tens of thousands of people, engaging in voter participation efforts, and inputting data in multiple languages, the organizing community urgently needs a well-designed, well-supported, uniform database system.

What can PowerBase do?

PowerBase is a web-based platform and is accessible by multiple people in multiple sites at the same time. PowerBase does all this:

  • Manage organizing campaigns in the same way organizers do their work
  • Track member involvement and leadership development over time
  • Track relationships with allies, volunteers, donors, media, etc.
  • Accept and track online donations
  • Organize and manage phone banks and door knocking efforts
  • Send mass emails to supporters
  • Link contacts with voter files
  • Track voter contacts
  • Track event signups and attendance
  • Integrate registration and signup pages with your organization’s website

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