Here they are – the first four organizations that we’ll be working with to develop and pilot the initial version of PowerBase:

How’d we pick them?

Interestingly, the groups in the pilot picked us – at least in part, because they approached us with database needs at the time that we were starting to plan and commit internally to tackling PowerBase.

As our internal planning proceeded, we realized that we’d want to partner with groups who were a) actively engaged in base-building organizing; b) actively needed a database solution right now; c) had some experience/culture of using a database; d) represented, in aggregate, a broad cross section of the organizing universe; e) were on-board with the concept of trying to build a database that can work across organizing groups – or, more succinctly, groups that shared and were excited by the vision and potential of PowerBase.

You’ll be hearing from us – and hopefully some of them – as the process moves ahead.

Incidentally, there have been some really exciting developments in the CiviCRM development community of late, including some really fantastic work on CiviReports as well as a truly impressive project that’s being taken on to improve the internationalization (translatability) of CiviCRM. If you’re not tracking their work, definitely check it out for a preview of what we’ll be working to integrate into PowerBase.